Add On: Name Change for Custom Label for B.Buttons Shower Favors

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Name Change Label for B.Buttons Shower Favors

Make it personal!
Change the name on the "From My Shower to Yours" template. Make it be "From (YOUR NAME) Shower to Yours"
The pictures show just a sampling of what we can create.

We use our template and just change the name so it says "From Sharron's Shower to Yours" (if you name was Sharron). We put your name in there of course. We can also add a date on the bottom of the label or in the umbrella. You still get to pick the colors you would like. This option is just $7.50 fee per order, not per soap. 

Please note on the custom labels, the fee is for one design (printed). For example if you did the name change and wanted it in different colors ( for example 10 in red, 10 in pink, and 10 in white), that would be extra as that is 3 different labels not one. If you wanted all 30 in pink, that would be fine. It's $3 extra per extra color and you would need to contact us to make a custom listing for that if you wanted more than one version of the label.