Mini Cube Soaps 1.25 oz

These mini cube soaps from B.Buttons are so cute and lively. Great for travel, guests or just to have a variety in your soap dish.  Why not have 2 or 3 choices for you and your family.  From Happy Apple to Cocoa Butter Mocha we have the scent for you, even a soap with pumice stone in it for extra exfoliation...our Invigorating Eucalyptus.  They are also GREAT for shower favors.  Bridal or baby, we got your soap and your color.  Located here.

Handmade mini cube soaps are your skin's new best friend.
They're made with soothing coconut oil, shea butter and colored with plants, clay and minerals. Never any detergents or phthalates. We want your skin to say, "Yum yum yum! Give me more of that square soap!"

These adorable glycerin soaps are just 1.25 inch cubed, weighing in a just 1.25 ounces with the most amazing scents.
Pick out two or three today : )