All Natural Handmade Soap

At Melt, we believe in making soap the old fashioned way, just like your great-grandma used to in her kitchen – but without any of that animal lard! With both glycerine and cold process soaps available in a wide variety of colors and scents, there is a bar for every taste and personality. Our organic handmade soap makes a great gift for any special person in your life, or spoil yourself with a bar. With options ranging from invigorating and exfoliating Loofah Soap to the soothing Desert Lavender soap that is sure to relax your nerves after a long day, you can’t go wrong! Order today to receive free shipping on your order of $85 or more!

Luxury Soaps

Melt has long been known for our sumptuous handmade soap bars. Our own top-secret recipes are packed with rich moisturizers and natural ingredients. This all natural bar soap is gentle on your skin, with no harmful or irritating additives like sulfates. Instead, your skin will love the soap’s natural oils such as olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and rice bran oil, in addition to essential oils and fragrance oils.