Melt Perfume Spray

A spritz of the best-smelling perfume can elevate your day and your confidence from zero to one hundred. However, with so many options available, buying perfume at the department store can be a daunting experience that overwhelms the senses. Instead, choose fragrances from Melt, surely the best perfume for everyone.

Massage Oil Candles

Engage all of your senses with our collection of massage oil candles. Just light the aromatherapy scented candles and enjoy the sweet smells of scents like Desert Lavender and Adriatic Fig. Our massage candle recipe includes rich ingredients like shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and scented oils for candles to create a clean burn. But the candle’s use is not over yet! Drizzle the warm oil over your skin for an unforgettable and hydrating massage. You can even scrape off the candle and rub it on your skin to soak up the moisture – it is a true three-in-one product.